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One more week ..

Geometric Beadwork, Kate McKinnon - Triangle Ring
Geometric Beadwork, Kate McKinnon – Triangle Ring

and my baby girl becomes a school girl. Its shocking how quickly she is growing up. We have the uniform, the school bag, she will be transformed from a tramp to a beautiful young lady if it kills me (and it probably will, given she is a vision in pink who detests having her hair brushed, let alone plaited, in bunches or anything remotely tidy)

Anyway, since Sziget I seem to of lost my creative mojo a bit, but Kate McKinnon  has excited me, Volume 2 of her groundbreaking (in my opinion) book is out for immediate download. BUUUUTTT I have made the decision not to view it, she has been tantalising & teasing me (and the rest of the beading world who follow her) with extracts, pictures and the most awesome, awe inspiring, mouthwatering images of simply outstanding beadwork for over 2 years I need to feel the book in my hands not view it on my macbook. (even if it does have enhanced retina display blah blah blah)

Book 1 you can purchase from Amazon, its not your average beadwork pattern book, its conversational, its interactive in that so many talented bead artists around the globe have contributed, its inspirational, it comes with YOUTUBE videos (ok you don’t need the book to view those), its spiral bound (believe me that was a stroke of pure genius) its feels lovely in your paws, it is A5 sized (shock!!) but it sits so beautifully on your lap, your beading board, its a reference book, a coffee table book its quite possibly the best bead book I own (and I own a few). Going forward, Kate is releasing the entire database over to the end users, it will be interactive, it will be a living thing and I feel that I have been a tiny part of this since 2011, (maybe 2010).  Its seriously worth checking out – bead eye candy 🙂

So, back to reality ….

I sold so much over the bank holiday weekend on Ebay my paypal account was overflowing, (which is rather exciting!) this week I really need to finish some items. I did mean to get my shop up and running on here, but its not that exciting, I still haven’t set up Folksy which I keep meaning to do, Etsy is doing fine but needs some new products adding as I sold a few (a pearl necklace to Singapore, and the buyer loved it, am not surprised it was quite stunning)

So, on my beading board (still) I have a kit which was given to my on my birthday  purchased from the inspirational Heather Kingsley-Heath, its actually rather easy as I am now a dab hand at Albion stitch, and I do find that albion stitch is an excellent way of anchoring a cabochon in to a design using seed beads. The seed beads I am use to using are generally size 11 & size 15. I still haven’t finished the cubic right angle weave chain for another kit either, but they will get done ….one day 🙂

(in case you aren’t aware Size 11 seed beads are quite small, but the size 15’s are smaller, and if you need to go smaller still you can purchase charlottes, which in a size 15 are positively amoebic)

Anyway, quick and easy I whipped up last week a pearl set, from the beads I purchased from JM the mystery box ones, earrings, bracelet & necklace set, I am rather impressed with them although simple stringing (I hear people screaming back at me that stringing isn’t simple!) but to me it is, doesn’t really grab me as much as a complex bead weaving pattern does. I often wonder why this is the case, and I think its really because I am not that good at finishing the ends of a necklace, earrings or bracelet neatly enough for me. There is so much to remember, providing enough slack for the piece to move naturally, but without there being so much slack that the beading wire / thread is seen, if its complementary then I guess thats fine, but I feel most of the time the thread should be invisible to the finished piece.

I am very much self taught, bead weaving is my passion, I lose my creative way at times because the pieces I chose to make are very time consuming, these pieces I could never sell, mainly because I have expended so much effort into producing them, but also because I don’t believe that anyone would ever pay me the money they would be worth in terms of time & effort to produce them.

In fact, I am currently typing on my blog, instead of creating the pieces I need to create this week …..ooops

and the Sunday Experience is looming ……what to wear ?????


Sziget – Illuminarium

So, I haven’t done any beading, jewellery making or anything for over a week…. I instead did something completely out of my comfort zone and flew off to Budapest, well more specifically the Sziget festival in Budapest.

I had the time of my life there, it was simply amazing massive stages, playing popular bands that you may or may not of heard of, (Manic Street Preachers, Madness, Prodigy, Korn) Other stages with Amsterdam Kleanser Band, a Hungarian Ska Band, Gipsy Punk band whose name I forget, Kelis and so so many more. The site was clean, and cashless (you needed a prepaid card to buy anything but that was easily available on site) there was even a jewellery making tent, where some students were teaching the festival goers macramé with wool. It was full too, so I didn’t venture inside, after all Mark Smith (JM Expert) wasn’t there, but interestingly they were using tree bark, and nails to provide the tension required for the macrame weave, so it just goes to show that you don’t need expensive equipment to whip a quick bracelet or anklet in the middle of a music festival.

Anyway I took a few snaps, not many, but the one I have included here shows the inside of something called the illuminarium and it reminded me of some gems that I really want to get sometime watermelon solar quartz  from JM.

The illuminarium had the queue from hell outside, over an hour, but once inside (sharp things removed including shoes) there was an air of tranquility inside, it was soft and squishy ground, you could lay in the bubbles, basically it was huge plastic tent with pretty glowing lights!!

Food was varied, lots available and good value, drinks were fairly regulated in price, there was a bubble party, a colour party (I got covered in coloured confetti and I mean covered, I was expecting a rainbow of pretty colours when the countdown stopped outside the main stage, but the sky just changed to a cloud of grey. I couldn’t see for a few minutes even my hands in front of my face, there were screams of laughter all around me, probably the most surreal experience ever – so much too talk about, but I won’t bore you any further with my trip other than to say watch this space the beads may come back out tonight!

Creative area, excellent adaptation of a pallet or two!
Creative area, excellent adaptation of a pallet or two!
After being colour bombed @ Sziget
After being colour bombed @ Sziget