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Happy Birthday Mummy!

Citrine & Moonstone strands
Citrine & Moonstone strands, rondelles and disks

So, its my mums birthday!

I wont mention her age but she loves long necklaces.

This was a JM Kit, purchased on the 1st April, 2015 on the Late show in which Fleur Hastings had a similar style necklace on air, my mum liked it so I got the “mini bundle”, coupled it with some wire left over from the Laura Binding Kit and made it more “friendly & wearable”, so less imposing, and easier to slip on and off without the need for a clasp.

Personally I prefer choker style ones, but given she has arthritis in her hands (and virtually every other part of her body) she does struggle with clasps and chains.

So whilst I know this creation would look amazing with a clasp on the end of the Moonstone & Citrine mix instead of the Gold Plated chain she wouldn’t wear it if I hadn’t added the chain!

Jasper leaf, with Citrine & Moonstone 0.25mm Bronze wire for the Tiara weave, on 0.8mm Bronze coloured wire frame to make it more leafy, and Autumnal (ok its kind of out of season)
Tiara weave on the Jasper leaf, with a bronze wire frame, Moonstone & Citrine necklace, and additional Gold Plated chain to make the piece a slip over your head instead of a clasp & hook piece owing to my mums struggle with arthritis

50 shades of …..

55cts Amethyst Graduated plain squares, 3x1mm to 5x2mm 18cm
55cts Amethyst Graduated plain squares, 3x1mm to 5x2mm 18cm

Not the best picture, but a simply amazing strand of gems, so summery, light, sparkly, with 50 shades of pink!


These are another one of my favourite purchases, little squares of Amethyst, all varying in size, and varying in colour. Obviously they are all the traditional Amethyst colour, but the sheer awesomeness of these gems is that colour graduation. They range from virtually clear chunks of the Amethyst, to deep purple.

I kept the strand pretty much in the order it came to me from JM obviously it arrived on a temporary strand so I re-stranded using a multi wire strand of beading thread (this one was 19 strand by Beadsmith available from most good quality bead stores).

The graduations in the gems range from the smallest 3mm x 1mm up to a chunky 5mm x 2mm in the centre of the necklace. As this is a light toned summer piece, I matched the Amethyst with some pretty chain, and isn’t that toggle clasp beautiful, it isn’t small I can assure you, its a good couple centimetres in depth, and silver plated copper. The toggle clasp makes life easy when putting the necklace on, as there are no fiddly levers to get jiggly with or get stuck your hair (yes that has happened and it hurts!)

I actually own another strand exactly the same so am thinking bracelet and for the smaller squares at each end making a pair of earrings …how summery is that!

The finding pack was a JM special, and came with the bead scoop bundle my mum bought me a few weeks ago, it is lovely to work with, but more excitingly I have purchased my first ever Jewellery maker kit today, and dropped a mystery box in the order too, why? well I really liked the kit, it has Emeralds included I am unbelievabley excited about it. The mystery box is a gamble, but the great thing is, if I don’t like my surprise, I will return it (its easy to do i’m told but never actually felt the need previously!)

Last day of term from my beautiful little boy, so proud of him – he was desperate to give his class helper & teacher a present so after much rummaging around my left over stock from the weekend selected a couple of bracelets, both cubic right angle weave, and both with Amethyst’s running through but 2mm rounds to make them much more subtle. (fingers crossed they like them!)



My Favourite purchases …. 2

Today is rather a nice day, its sunny, but with a cooling breeze and looking out of my office window I can a skip being filled up rather randomly with pale blue chairs.

See the bright colours around, against the pale blue chairs, anyway it reminded me (I can only put it down to the colour of the chairs nothing else) of my absolute favourite necklace of the moment.


So, back to my favourite purchases, part 2, Blue Opal Slabs.


Now by rights they shouldn’t be considered a my favourite purchase, because I didn’t buy them, my mum did, but she got them for me as she knows my love of Opals, I have a lovely white opal ring, that is quite vintage (probably 60’s / 70’s) as it was donated my by Gran a few years ago, I didn’t like it at the time so stashed it in my jewellery box then a couple of years ago I rediscovered it, and colours that eminate from it are outstanding, the pinks, blue, silver, gold hues all catch the light at different angles and refract it back making it a superb piece of jewellery.


So, you can buy these from Jewellery Maker , they are simply spectacular, 100 cts (yes 100!) of weighty slabs of genuine gemstones, each unique and completely natural. They feel amazing to wear, you really feel the weight on your neckline, and cool touch of cold gem on your skin when first wearing them, I wore them to the Kelham hall craft fair, and got a number of complements which was lovely, and gave me a real boost 🙂

So, what did I do with them ? Its not that much of a mystery if you read my blog because I excitedly published them last week, but I will repeat the image so you don’t need to stray,

100cts Blue Opal Slabs
100cts Blue Opal Slabs

Using pieces from the Silver Plated findings pack (115 pieces from JM but I only used a very small portion of these!) I added the 17cm strand of Opal slabs, mixed in some chain and created this awesome necklace.

If you want to create a similar one, in brief this is how I did it…

Unstring the Opals, because whilst they come beautifully packaged and presented from JM, the strands the gems are strung on as not designed to be long lasting, so I got some 19 strand beading wire (the more strands combined the better the strength of the beading wire, for the weight of these opals I opted for the highest I had in my stash it seems to hold them beautifully) I did break down a old silver chainmaille bracelet for the spacers in between the beads, but any silver toned bead (size 6 would be great) would do, or spacer beads. The thing to remember when creating jewellery is its ok to adapt, change and substitute gems, spacers, colours for what ever you have in your stash, or feel the urge to use. As Yoda would say use the force, I find the more of my amazing stash I pull out the more creative ideas start flowing (and then I get overwhelmed and put them all away again unsure which idea to start working with first!!)

At each end of the Opal Slabs I used a crimp bead, and crimp bead cover from the JM findings pack, but BEFORE I closed the crimp I threaded the beading wire through the silver plated chain that I intended to attach the clasp on. The number of times I have forgotten to add the clasp / chain closed the crimp and realised I have to either work around my mistake or chop it off and start again is ridiculous!!

Its not difficult just logical I find when jewellery making, so long as you lay out the component parts,  work methodically and take your time, at the end of each chain I attached a clasp.

This particular clasp is really easy to use, not at all fiddly and the natural curve of the stones on the bead wire mean that the balance of the piece is perfect, and perfectly wearable. There is nothing worse than creating something truly beautiful and finding it doesn’t sit quite right on the neck line or wrist. Enjoy!

100cts of Blue Opal



So my mum got me these stunning slabs of pastel blue or baby blue opals as a little gift, I am not sure why but I am not one to question the generosity of my lovely mummy.


So I made a quick necklace last night with them, using some silver chunky rings that I took from a donor bracelet, used some chain from a findings pack off jewellery maker (.com) and hey presto a summery necklace which is surprisingly wearable.


100cts Blue Opal Slabs
100cts Blue Opal Slabs