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Mystery Gift £9.95……

Well after my amazing morning on the JM Sunday Experience last weekend, and the quick macrame bracelet I whipped up using the macramé foam board (which I am unable to link too as its no longer on the website, so must of sold out) I invested in a mini board.

For macrame I normally use rattail, or waxed cord, or c-lon thread but spotted this bundle on JM so ordered it, as the reels worked out at less than £1 each. Again I can’t link to it as its out of stock, but I got 12 reels of mixed cord x 2, so 24 reels in total, for the grand sum of £14.95. (Item code HZGC12) So, feeling rather bouncy & itchy fingered I also dropped in my basket a mystery bundle for £9.95. After all, as Ed would say, its an add it to your order price 🙂

So, as I have explained before mystery bundles are just that, a mystery previously I have received coloured wire, gems that I wouldn’t normally of purchased, other gems I am completely in love with, Chrome Diopside strand, some shell pearls, some rose quartz hearts generally its exciting. JM is a company I have grown to trust (I know they are a business out to make money, but they have a feel good vibe about them which I particularly felt after my Sunday experience session), they had some fantastic £9.95 bundles on screen, a strand of gems with a pack of cords, a tool set, a collection of wire, a selection of gem strands I simply couldn’t resist taking the gamble again.

I have literally been on tender hooks all weekend about my “mystery” item / items, well since I ordered it actually, but more so when I received a text message from Royal Mail saying that they had my parcel and were going to deliver. As I have my items sent to work, it was today before I actually got the parcel. The suspense was killing me, and when I saw how huge the grey bag was I was desperate to rip it open and see what surprise waited me.

Believe me, it was a surprise.

I opened the bag, pulled out a huge pack air bubble bag of cords, each is wrapped as a set of 3 I think (I say think because I haven’t actually got any further with that part of the order, they look good in the packaging, and I will investigate them fully once I am home) I was more interested in the mystery gift. I was looking forward to researching whatever item / items I received and then was planning on spending the rest of the day, day dreaming (in-between working & doing various school runs obviously) about what I was going to create with said items.

When I found the package, (it is small) I was puzzled, still I opened it with a sense of apprehension & excitement, words escape me now ….so I will say it with a picture

JM Mystery £9.95 Bundle
JM Mystery £9.95 Bundle

Yes, this was my £9.95, “bargain mystery bundle”, they appear to be 2 packets of gold plated on copper (as not hallmarked in any way) twin holed findings. Probably about 20 in each packet, making each one roughly 25p each. They are clearly some form of finding, but for £9.95 personally I think represent extremely poor value.

I did hunt around in the bag to see if I had missed something, and that these findings were part of a bundle, but no, nothing my entire “mystery” gift consisted of approx 40 findings. To say I am disappointed is an understatement, am completely shell shocked.

I have emailed JM, purely because I am slightly embarrassed about returning them, I am that stunned to of received them as a mystery gift that I wanted to ensure that JM knew what I had received, and obviously what I was returning because in my opinion (and remember this is my opinion) there is no way this pack offered good value, or was worth anything like the £9.95 I paid.

Now I do expect to be disappointed every now and again with a mystery bundle, after all you can’t please everyone all the time, the other challenge with a mystery bundle is as I have stated previously the items aren’t marked so it is a guessing game,(look at the previous posts regarding my Chrome Diopside which I thought were Emerald) So these items I suppose could be solid gold and worth significantly more than £9.95 but without any information on them I have absolutely no way of knowing. They aren’t hallmarked, so if I, a Jewellery maker haven’t a clue what they are, how on earth is any potential customer going to see them as anything other than gold plated findings.

In order to assist customers in properly identifying mystery items, I feel that JM should mark the mystery gift items with a product code or label, the customer could then research the item / items received, and then would leave nicer feedback than they currently have on the website for this particular product. As much of the feedback I have spotted has been along the lines of, not sure what this item is, is it worth £9.95 etc.

Well the bottom line is that I am sending them back, I ticked the box on the reverse of the order form indicating replacement (I may regret that) so its another lottery as to whether I get another mystery gift sent to me, or my account credited, if they charge me postage I will be simmering but watch this space, if nothing else its a test of the customer service, which in the past I have found to be nothing but excellent, I am just saddened that on this occasion I feel quite let down by the items ordered.


Mystery solved…….

So a few weeks back  I rather frivolously ordered a £9.95 mystery bundle from Jewellery Maker, I successfully identified 2 of the 3 strands as shell pearls & rose quartz hearts but the third was a mystery to me. The strand in question was a beautiful shade of green, with inclusions of cream & black but the clarity of the green nuggets was simply outstanding, it could of been emerald, quartz, I had so many suggestions I needed further analysis .

So, on Sunday (31st Aug) I was lucky enough to be selected for the Sunday experience (awesome can’t wait to go again!!) in which I took my strand of mystery gems from the mystery box along to be identified beyond reasonable doubt.

Now, there is a story behind these gems that shocked me, I could never of dreamt of receiving a strand of these rare gems as part of a bargain £9.95 mystery box set but I did, they are only mined in Russia, can only be reached for 2 months of the year (roughly depending on the weather conditions) and as such aren’t freely available ….guessed yet?

Well the answer is I received a strand of a Chrome Diopside. Absolutely and completely unexpected, they are simply gorgeous. Instead of doing anything with the instead I have added them to my gem stash one day maybe they will become something but for the meantime I intend to simply admire, and fondle when the mood takes me 🙂

Huge thanks to Sheila (Guest Designer at JM) for getting them identified for me, more on the Sunday experience later! So many photos to upload!!


Mystery Strand of Green Gems from JM
Mystery Strand of Green Gems from JM (Chrome Diopside)