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Wow, well the uber amazing Pru  (JM Kumihimo Guest Designer) messaged me the other night to tell me that she had spotted my  spider tiara in the JM Hub magazine this month, well I didn’t believe it. After a quick check on-line I was stunned to see it, am quite chuffed actually 🙂

Am seriously not a fan of spiders, not in the slightest but these little guys have character I feel, so maybe if anyone is having a Halloween wedding on All Hallows Eve next year I would be more than happy to create something similar (with a twist of something new of course!)


Spider Themed Hair Fascinator
Spider Themed Hair Fascinator



Ghouls and Ghosts

Spider Hair comb
Amethyst, Smoky Quartz & Pearl Spiders

Half Term is approaching, some schools have already broken up, Crafty Betty in Newark are running some craft clubs in the mornings and only a couple of spaces remain so do contact Michelle if you want to hop along!

I have also stocked the shop with a couple of beginner bead work kits, more coming soon …. but the hair braids are available now


Beaded Hair Braids
Beaded Hair Braids




Halloween is fast approaching, or All Hallows evening to take its full name. Traditionally the night of trick or treat, scary costumes, carved pumpkins, haunted houses and exciting scary stories  are told. The origin is equally as exciting, given that the ancient pagans saw it as the end of the harvest, time to account for the stocks of supplies and prepare for the long winter ahead. The ancient Gaels believed the 31st Oct is the night where the boundaries between the world of the living, and the world of the dead blurred, and overlapped. Meaning that the dead could come back, and perform “tricks” on the living, such as damaging crops, and spreading sickness.

With this in mind, costumes and masks began to get worn to appease these playful spirits! Although I think these days there is less of the pagan ritualism and more of the supermarket commercial hype as the shelves are full of tubs of chocolates, haribos, ghoulish outfits, fake dismembered body parts dripping in blood and pumpkins!

The season vaguely reminds me of my Grandad, not for any reason other than the fact that I have snapshot in my mind of marrows, and there is a vague (ok very loose connection between the marrow and the pumpkin!) he would grow them in the garden, and Grandma would complain about them, am not entirely sure why, maybe he just grew them because he could but didn’t like them, or maybe he loved a marrow but she didn’t like preparing and  cooking them for him. Sadly my memory escapes me on that point but its still its happy memory to keep. What I have just realised rather sadly is that I don’t have a picture of my grandad on my macbook, but can rectify this …….watch this space 🙂

Am still in love with the halloween inspired fascinator! Amethyst, smoky quartz wire wrapped spiders creeping around the web of wire 🙂



Spiders Spiders everywhere!

And I absolutely detest them, I apologise to any spider lovers out there, but seriously some of those monsters are just ugly and HUGE, I swear they get bigger every year but still I have my trusty Henry to hand, always plugged in and ready for action – of course I leave the hose pointed upwards at all times:)  (sometimes I have been know to cling film the end too just incase the huge ones climb out ……I am just terrified of the eight legged hairy freaks

Spider Themed Hair Fascinator
Spider Themed Hair Fascinator

My friend has been invited to a Gothic themed halloween style wedding reception, its not really her thing..so I have created her a spider infused hair piece, which she can flatten the  wire woven the web over her hair if she wishes, or leave it up ……Just hope she likes it she is more at home in a pair of lycra running shorts and tee shirts than a little black dress!!

To create the comb, I took a pile of assorted wire, Silver in 1.00mm, 0.40mm and Blue coated 0.25mm, a comb, and a couple of bags of JM bead scoops, some bugle beads and a few seed beads. All of these products came from JM, with the exception of the bugle & seed beads, but are of course available in many other outlets. If you only wanted to get equipment from JM, the gemstone strands mostly have bugle beads separating the gems so you can utilise those and they sell the most wonderful 2mm gems strands which will work well too as legs.

I will say, the  JM bead scoops are simply one of my most favourite things, I own a few, and usually can’t resist when I spot them on TV. They consist of  a small bag of assorted gemstones in a colour theme, I used a purple pinks selection, and a black white selection to create the spiders. I picked out some larger shapes for the body of the arachnid and smaller ones for the heads.

Bead Scoop - Pinks & Purples
Bead Scoop – Pinks & Purples

To create a spider, I simply took a head pin, dropped on a large “body”  gemstone, a small “head” gemstone and made a loop to secure, then I took 4 strands of wire whether it be the twisted wire, or the 0.25mm blue coloured wire and wrapped each strand in the centre of the beads to create the legs. I left some spiders with just wire legs, and added loops for the feet (do spiders have feet??) I was going for the daddy long legs version of the creepy crawlies. The couple created with hearts as the body I added bugle beads and seed beads to add some chunky funky legs to resemble those freaky small fat spiders you see climbing up the walls of your living room.

Each spider was attached to the web, which was just wire wrapped 1.00mm & 0.40mm wires, then attached to the comb. I couldn’t not add a few pearls, after all its for a wedding reception, but to blend the pearls I also added some black agate rounds, some smoky quartz ovals, and several other darker beads for that halloween twist.


I quite like the effect, when placed in the bubble wrap bag the spiders actually gave my mum a fright because they looked real! So I might make a couple more, but as tiaras this time with more a wedding theme, its definitely different to the traditional pearl tiara most brides wear.


Twisted Wire Spider, Smoky Quartz Ovals
Twisted Wire Spider, Smoky Quartz Ovals
Gemstone Spiders
Gemstone Spiders