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So, my Jewellery Maker Challenge commences

So, I started my challenge, I selected my first JM designer inspired piece, this rather pretty square wire wrapped cabochon enhanced by the 2mm clear quartz.

The reason I selected this first, is because its the one I spotted being demonstrated on air, hence it looked like a fairly simple piece to begin with ….


So, I started with the Cabochon, and the 0.80mm silver plated square wire, I added 0.25mm round wire in to the kit, to form the cradle at the bottom, and to wire wrap the gems on the frame because the narrowest square wire was too chunky to fit through the gems.

This is clearly cheating but as Jan did the same on air I figured I would allow myself the wire but I guess technically I failed because its not possible to create the jewellery in the kit without this addition…. and this was the point I was looking to prove, can you make all the jewellery the designers show on air with the kits JM sell?

The answer is in this case NO you can’t, but lets see if there are enough gems to complete the jewellery set.

So its not finished, but here is the start of my wire wrapped cabochon. Only another 3 more to go, and a bracelet 🙂

Wire Wrapped Cabochon
Wire Wrapped Cabochon

Jewellery Maker Bundle – Jan Dwyer

I have been a little disheartened lately, I randomly buy items from JM, I do try to restrict myself depending on what expenditure I have that month so in reality some months I purchase nothing others maybe one or two bundles.

I enter competition after competition, the latest one being the Alison Tarry Cat for Halloween, which I didn’t win obviously, but this week I fancied a new challenge.

My dilemma came from really wanting to do the Prong setting workshop with Alison, I could sit and study youtube, or buy a dvd but I find I learn better in the classroom environment, where there is a focus on learning, and less normal day to day stuff to distract me. However there is a big BUT ….

I find the courses at JM expensive, ok they probably aren’t in reality if you think you get a kit, you get fed, you get drinks, you don’t get a qualified trained tutor but you do get one of the designers they employ so qualified by skill I guess but as the silver clay course which I would love to do is £149, the prong setting £89 they are in my opinion a considered purchase. Currently, I work full time, I am a fully qualified accountant, I have two children, I own a house and an old car all of these things come before me, and mean that having a spare £90 + petrol money + hotel accommodation means these classes are in reality out of my budget for the time being.

So, I decided to teach myself wire work, and set myself a challenge, can I achieve all the jewellery created if I use the kit which inspired the designers?

I picked Jan’s wirework on with square wire as it felt a little different to the usual round wire.

The kit contains:

10cts Pyrite Plain Rounds Approx 2mm
3m Silver Plated Copper Square Wire Approx 0.50mm
3m Silver Plated Copper Square Wire Approx 0.80mm
3m Silver Plated Copper Square Wire Approx 1.00mm
47cts Silver Colour Coated Pyrite Graduated Plain Rounds Approx From 3 to 4mm, 30cm Strand.
50cts Black Agate With Quartz Pear Cabochon Approx 40x30mm
50cts Black Stripe Agate Oval Cabochon Approx 40x30mm
50cts Blue Stripe Agate Faceted Oval Cabochon Approx 40x30mm
5cts Clear Quartz Plain Rounds Approx 2mm
60cts Black Agate With Quartz Oval Cabochon Approx 40x30mm

Watch this space to see how I get on!

JM Kit
JM Kit