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Jewellery Class….

Well despite my slight apprehension I really really enjoyed teaching at Crafty Bettys last Saturday, it was a fabulous crafty atmosphere with customers popping in the shop taking a huge interest in the delights on our class table. It over ran slightly as we veered off and made earrings to match the illusion necklace & scalloped bracelet in pearls, the daisy weave bracelet was addictive, and a set of 3 interlocking glass bead stretchy bracelets seemed to be a hit. So, we made Christmas wreath, started a daisy chain bracelet, 3 stretchy strung bracelets, an illusion pearl necklace, a pair of pearl earrings, and a scalloped edge pearl bracelet all in just under 4 hours ….. then a few hours later I read this on Facebook ……

“Thank you to Crafty Betty and particularly Fiona who provided a fantastic jewellery course. I have been well and truly inspired and would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in Jewellery Making.”

Its just so lovely to receive public feedback like this, really made me smile, and what more could a teacher / instructor ask for than to inspire others ? Still, days later makes me smile to read this 🙂

So we have another in the pipeline, and a Bridal Workshop / Wedding Fair  in March 2015 so busy busy busy. Am stocking up on pearls & wire as I type!

Check out the JM products on the table I used as well, and the JM tool kit, over the years I have used many sources for my threading materials and own countless tools but I will say I have found the wire, and tool kit exceptional from JM – and at a reasonable price. #jewellerymaker

The only thing we will have to differ on is that JM designers use the macrame board, and the necklace & bracelet boards I will always prefer a bead mat, or a bead it board, as I found the foam holds the beads, whereas the macrame board the pearls especially tend to just roll away on!

Anyway I am buzzing with excitement, planning my next workshops at the Bridal fair, and making my lovely sister some Christmas Party Jewellery ….. pics to follow later

Jewellery @ Crafty Bettys
Jewellery @ Crafty Bettys



daisy necklace
daisy necklace

50 shades of …..

55cts Amethyst Graduated plain squares, 3x1mm to 5x2mm 18cm
55cts Amethyst Graduated plain squares, 3x1mm to 5x2mm 18cm

Not the best picture, but a simply amazing strand of gems, so summery, light, sparkly, with 50 shades of pink!


These are another one of my favourite purchases, little squares of Amethyst, all varying in size, and varying in colour. Obviously they are all the traditional Amethyst colour, but the sheer awesomeness of these gems is that colour graduation. They range from virtually clear chunks of the Amethyst, to deep purple.

I kept the strand pretty much in the order it came to me from JM obviously it arrived on a temporary strand so I re-stranded using a multi wire strand of beading thread (this one was 19 strand by Beadsmith available from most good quality bead stores).

The graduations in the gems range from the smallest 3mm x 1mm up to a chunky 5mm x 2mm in the centre of the necklace. As this is a light toned summer piece, I matched the Amethyst with some pretty chain, and isn’t that toggle clasp beautiful, it isn’t small I can assure you, its a good couple centimetres in depth, and silver plated copper. The toggle clasp makes life easy when putting the necklace on, as there are no fiddly levers to get jiggly with or get stuck your hair (yes that has happened and it hurts!)

I actually own another strand exactly the same so am thinking bracelet and for the smaller squares at each end making a pair of earrings …how summery is that!

The finding pack was a JM special, and came with the bead scoop bundle my mum bought me a few weeks ago, it is lovely to work with, but more excitingly I have purchased my first ever Jewellery maker kit today, and dropped a mystery box in the order too, why? well I really liked the kit, it has Emeralds included I am unbelievabley excited about it. The mystery box is a gamble, but the great thing is, if I don’t like my surprise, I will return it (its easy to do i’m told but never actually felt the need previously!)

Last day of term from my beautiful little boy, so proud of him – he was desperate to give his class helper & teacher a present so after much rummaging around my left over stock from the weekend selected a couple of bracelets, both cubic right angle weave, and both with Amethyst’s running through but 2mm rounds to make them much more subtle. (fingers crossed they like them!)



Wall of Fame entry

Right angle weave with Amethyst Rounds
Right angle weave with Amethyst Rounds

@jewellery_maker this is my entry (first ever) I might add entry for the weekly wall of fame.

I prefer bead weaving to simple stringing, I haven’t got in to wire work, although I may one day as I did make a pretty special tiara for my sisters wedding (sadly all pics are now banned and it was in the days pre Facebook) resin, clays all seem a little like too much effort, Kumihimo I quite enjoy but have done rather a lot of it recently, so decided today I would bead weave, something simple so I pulled out some size 11 gold seed beads, some purple seed beads again in size 11 and whipped up a quick (and it is surprising quick once you are in a rhythm) cubic right angle weave bracelet.

I felt it needed something a little special, so after a quick chug through my stash of exquisite genuine gemstones I found a strand of 2.00mm x 2.00mm round, drilled Brazilian Purple Amethyst’s , a whole 10cts worth. So threaded up my needle and at every junction in the cubic right angle weave I popped in an amethyst, simple understated beauty.

For the findings I threaded a stand of gold wire through the core of the weave, couple of spacer beads at either end, crimped, and bent up a quick clasp – what a productive Sunday morning 🙂

PS the code for the amethysts on www.jewellerymaker.com is GDGP30.