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Another Cabochon wire wrapped

So my personal challenge continues,

I have finished the first cab, with swirls at the base although I chose not to add gemstones in the centre of the swirls, as Jan had done.

I am never going to reproduce exactly, nor to the standard the wire wrapping as the guest designers do, they have many more experience than I do, and to be honest more interest. I have said on many occasions I am a bead weaver at heart, I love tiny seed beads and am also working on a challenge to create 2 5cm x 5cm beaded squares. In fact Laura Binding, another JM Wirework Guest Designer frequently states that she can never replicate a design, she can show you how she got there, but as much of the designing is freehand, and the gemstones are all unique, you are never going to reproduce an exact copy. I think that is an important point to remember, especially if you get disheartened because a piece isn’t the exact image of a designers piece, its always going to be unique to you.

So, this is my second Cab, wire wrapped really quite simply using the square wire.

Differently wrapped Cab
Differently wrapped Cab


Christmas Makes

What do you make a man? Especially a man who has everything,  one who never wears jewellery as a Christmas present?

Well the answer is you don’t make them anything! but I was completely  surprised when I was asked to make a pair of cufflinks because the new shirt, purchased for the formal night on the 10 night cruise required them.

Cubed Agate Cuff Links
Cubed Agate Cuff Links

Using some rose gold-plated findings (the toggle clasp ones, but obviously just using the bar portion) a few jump rings, a flower headed headpin and a couple of cubed black agate gemstones from Jewellery Maker and within 10mins they were completed.




Now, pre-Christmas I whipped up a pair of earrings for my Grans hairdresser, and rather excitingly they appeared on JM tv wall of fame on the TV! I do have a clip but sadly I can’t seem to post the link   as the file is too large, so a picture will have to do instead.

Amethyst Earrings
Amethyst Earrings

So, I took a piece of silver plated chain from a JM findings pack, snipped it in to 6 pieces, attached a Amethyst from a JM bead scoop and a couple of silver plated earring findings and hey presto another quick 10 minute make.




Other makes include;

Bead Scoop Charm Bracelet
Bead Scoop Charm Bracelet

This bracelet was again whipped up using a bead scoop from JM, I have said it many times, the bead scoops of a mixture of gems stones are my absolute favourite buy at the moment, the sheer excitement of seeing what is in each bag, it so much fun! So for my friend in Canada I made a charm style bracelet, using 6 gems, of different cuts & colours but perfectly toned just by adding a few headpins, chain and clasp.

Memory Wire with Daggers!
Memory Wire with Daggers!

Using memory wire I threaded on some dagger gems similar to these on JM to again make a necklace in less than 30 minutes, the longest time was taken threading the gems on the wire!



Leather Effect Macrame Bracelet - Mens Make!
Leather Effect Macrame Bracelet – Mens Make!
Mulberry Pearl Drop Earrings
Mulberry Pearl Drop Earrings on Rose Gold Plated findings from a JM findings pack





So these are my other makes, hopefully they were well received!

Opal & Pearls
The opal bracelet is uber chunky, I added the chain because the internet is full of next seasons trends this piece is definitely on trend! 


Breaking News…..New Class in Newark

Breaking News!! Its rather exciting but I am running a Beaded Dreamcatcher Workshop at a local craft shop, Crafty Bettys in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Date – 15th November 2014

Time – 12 noon til 3pm

Cost –  £24.99

To Book – Email – michelle@craftybetty.co.uk

For more information – www.craftybetty.co.uk, or contact myself via this blog post / twitter / Facebook


Conveniently located in the centre of this delightful market town, with loads of fabulous restaurants, coffee shops, independent traders selling a variety of lovely items, plus your big hitters like Fat Face, Marks & Spencer, Next, WH Smith etc Newark has something to offer everyone.

So, the class size will be a maximum of 6, all materials are provided, and it will entirely suitable for beginners or a change for more experienced bead weavers or jewellery makers. don’t worry if you are nervous, this will be a fun workshop where hopefully we all learn a new skill, and make some new friends along the way.

The shop is located on the ground floor of the impressive Buttermarket, with car parks only a few minutes walk away.

The dreamcatcher uses a variety of seed beads, threads, bugle beads, feathers, and could be adapted to make a piece of jewellery, such as dinky earrings, or pendants for necklaces, once the basics are mastered the design ideas are only limited to your imagination! There will also be a selection of colours on offer, so don’t worry if you don’t fancy blue or brown! We have pink, red, and possibly green too!

As this is a basic introduction I am aiming to focus on techniques in basic bead weaving, if however you fancy a more advanced wirework, or genuine gemstone dreamcatcher do ask Michelle to organise another workshop, or if there are any other stitches you would like to learn such as Ladder weave, peyote, brick, netting again just ask Michelle as I am more than happy to share my skills.

I can also look at doing classes in Kumihimo, Macrame, Tiara, Fascinator’s, beaded corsage’s along with inexpensive but unique wedding jewellery.

So if you have an idea, get in touch … if you can doodle it, I can certainly have a go at making it for you or design a class to help you make it!

Beaded Dream Catcher, in shades of Brown
Beaded Dream Catcher, in shades of Brown
Beaded DreamCatcher, in Blue tones
Beaded DreamCatcher, in Blue tones

Tis the season to be ….

Jolly as the song goes, but I guess equally it’s the season for feeling a nip in the air, having a lovely warm coal & log fire crackling at home and beading by the twinkling lights on a real “no needle drop” Christmas tree

Well I can dream, the reality is that tree lights just don’t have enough twinkle to enabled me to bead by, although I have 2 new sets of lights this year so maybe I can create a ligh as bright as the star of Bethlehem in my living room to bead by