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Wall of Fame!

Wow, on Sunday morning I was just experimenting in the kitchen with a Davina McColl reduced sugar cupcake recipe, using Spelt Flour, Ground Almonds and Maple syrup …. I added cocoa powder, and coated the finished product in 85% chocolate …taste well I was apprehensive at the start but they taste amazing …. well worth the effort

So whilst I was whipping my butter, adding the eggs and flour I put Ed (Jewellery maker) on the iPad and my necklace appeared on the wall of fame!!!! It was shown at 11am, the video is on YouTube, but I can’t upload as the file size is too large for wordpress, so here is the picture again ūüôā

Garnet Necklace
Garnet Necklace

Christmas Presents ….

Fabulous Kit - treat to myself
Fabulous Kit – treat to myself

Christmas is all about giving and receiving, but lets face it we don’t always receive everything we really wanted ….sometimes its worth taking out a little “insurance” and getting yourself a little pre-Christmas treat.

Well I did just that, and this was the result, I ended with a kit from Jewellery Maker, I got around 7 reels of wire in various autumnal colours (browns, oranges and gold) in various gauges, 0.25mm, 0.40mm, 0.60mm, 0.80mm, 1.00mm and 4 Cabochons. I can’t remember the exact price I paid but am certain it was under ¬£20 delivered to my door ūüôā

One of these Cabochons is Amber! Not strictly a gemstone in my humble opinion as Amber is clearly created from tree sap, over many  many years, often with micro creatures embedded in the centre, still very pretty and quite small, I have yet to decide what to do with it, but I may have a play around with some Silver PMC (Precious Metal Clay) perhaps make a pendant or a ring for myself, and then with the  other pieces of Jasper which are quite sizeable I may get my seed beads out and peyote stitch a nice band around the edges.

I know the concept of the kit is to wire wrap the cabochons, but I do feel that when I have a go at wire wrapping it always looks a touch messy, I do like neat & tidy, thats why beadweaving is my staple I find the stitches organised, structural, am not a fan of freeform peyote!

Christmas Gifts

Well, we are well in to January now, traditionally quite a depressing month really. Its cold, wet, windy, foggy outside, the days are short and worst of all I am back at work with no days off to look forward too for literally months.

On the bright side, I did receive some amazing gem stones as gifts this Christmas from my amazing Mummy.  (she is a home shopping addict)

Before I share my ever growing collection, I thought I would share my latest beading mat. On JMtv¬†all of the guest designers seem to use a macrame board to work off, now I do love my macrame board but I find it virtually impossible to use the macrame board with small gems as they tend to roll off in all directions for me! I use a thin flexible foam mat, the issue with the foam mat is that it isn’t very sturdy nor very portable.

So to resolve my tiny problem I invested in a kindle / tablet case, a nice multi-coloured leather case, with a zip around 3 sides. Inside I fitted a bead mat, which means that I have a stable, none roll work surface to work off, and I don’t need to pack my designs away as the bead mat holds the gems & findings securely in place.

Tula Jewellery Design Case
Tula Jewellery Design Case
Beading Mat in Kindle case
Beading Mat in Kindle case with a headpin wrapped Cabochon I have been working on. 

The great thing about this case is that my work is totally transportable, so I can take it out to the cafe @ Belton House whilst my children play, on train when having a day out, or simply to fold away projects at home waiting to be finished, but keeping all the component parts in one place.

The kindle case has elastic attached to each corner internally, so it has been easy to secure the foam beading mat inside the leather bound zip case.

Christmas Makes

What do you make a man? Especially a man who has everything,  one who never wears jewellery as a Christmas present?

Well the answer is you don’t make them anything! but I was completely ¬†surprised when I was asked to make a pair of cufflinks because the new shirt, purchased for the formal night on the 10 night cruise required them.

Cubed Agate Cuff Links
Cubed Agate Cuff Links

Using some rose gold-plated findings (the toggle clasp ones, but obviously just using the bar portion) a few jump rings, a flower headed headpin and a couple of cubed black agate gemstones from Jewellery Maker and within 10mins they were completed.




Now, pre-Christmas I whipped up a pair of earrings for my Grans¬†hairdresser, and rather excitingly they appeared on JM tv wall of fame on the TV! I do have a clip but sadly I can’t seem to post the link ¬† as the file is too large, so a picture will have to do instead.

Amethyst Earrings
Amethyst Earrings

So, I took a piece of silver plated chain from a JM findings pack, snipped it in to 6 pieces, attached a Amethyst from a JM bead scoop and a couple of silver plated earring findings and hey presto another quick 10 minute make.




Other makes include;

Bead Scoop Charm Bracelet
Bead Scoop Charm Bracelet

This bracelet was again whipped up using a bead scoop from JM, I have said it many times, the bead scoops of a mixture of gems stones are my absolute favourite buy at the moment, the sheer excitement of seeing what is in each bag, it so much fun! So for my friend in Canada I made a charm style bracelet, using 6 gems, of different cuts & colours but perfectly toned just by adding a few headpins, chain and clasp.

Memory Wire with Daggers!
Memory Wire with Daggers!

Using memory wire I threaded on some dagger gems similar to these on JM to again make a necklace in less than 30 minutes, the longest time was taken threading the gems on the wire!



Leather Effect Macrame Bracelet - Mens Make!
Leather Effect Macrame Bracelet – Mens Make!
Mulberry Pearl Drop Earrings
Mulberry Pearl Drop Earrings on Rose Gold Plated findings from a JM findings pack





So these are my other makes, hopefully they were well received!

Opal & Pearls
The opal bracelet is uber chunky, I added the chain because the internet is full of next seasons trends this piece is definitely on trend!