Don’t you just love Ebay, the worlds biggest car boot sale, with the added benefit of being able to browse other peoples stuff without getting all wet and cold, or having to get up early on a Sunday morning to buy some tat that you didn’t really need.

I am probably being a tad unfair as there is some really really good stuff on there, like for example my all new office chair, bargain at £99 delivered, it went together easily, it it heated (although am not entirely sold on this feature as I incorrectly assumed that the heating controls would be adjustable – they aren’t) but rather excitingly it has a massage function – So as I type my Lumbar region is being gently pressed by the chair on the low intensity setting, but I could also have my back & thighs massaged with either high intensity massage or the low that I have started with.

I am sure one of my beading idols (I think she would like being call that) Heather Kingsley-Heath would approve of this massage chair because if you have been to any of her classes she also teaching beading yoga. I will leave that to your imagination, but seriously she is amazing bead artist and a lovely people person.  Fingers crossed I get to meet her again in July at one of the Beadworkers Guild workshops!!

So the point of this post, apart from sharing my exciting chair with you, & one of my beading idols is to point out that I have listed a couple of items on Ebay,

A paper craft kit with beads and metallic thread – enough to make 24 cards just £7.50 + delivery (or free delivery if you message me via Twitter or on this blog page) This is an example of what the pack allows you to make, there are many many more designs in the kit.

Bridal Card


Also a wire jig, for creating wire shapes with 3 different sized pegs (narrow, medium and chunky) in blue plastic


Or something I am actually a huge fan of, the weaving loom – so unbelievably easy to do, quick to make up and fun! I was amazed at the results.




Party Season

Acrylic Daisy Bead Bracelet Kit
Acrylic Daisy Bead Bracelet Kit

Well Christmas and New Year are well and truly over, but we are still in Party Season, many birthday coming up, which means PARTY! Well it means little Monkey gets to go to parties and Mummy gets to be chauffeur, toilet attendant, food supervisor, chief kiss it better when injuries occur on the bouncy castle!

I have also been busy making up party kits for older girls, necklace and bracelet kits. So have listed the bracelet kit online and will discount orders of 10 of more.

The necklace kit will be listed shortly, once I can get a decent image.



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Tis the season to be ….

Jolly as the song goes, but I guess equally it’s the season for feeling a nip in the air, having a lovely warm coal & log fire crackling at home and beading by the twinkling lights on a real “no needle drop” Christmas tree

Well I can dream, the reality is that tree lights just don’t have enough twinkle to enabled me to bead by, although I have 2 new sets of lights this year so maybe I can create a ligh as bright as the star of Bethlehem in my living room to bead by