Crystal, Blue & Silver Beaded Necklace

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I started playing with bits of wire, little beads, and cotton threads around 7 years ago, during this time I have experimented, and played with various techniques I do confess its been more off than on until recently.

So, last year I booked myself on a series of Beadworker Guild Courses in London, learnt some amazing techniques and met some truly lovely people.

Now I have decided to take the next step, after all there is only so much jewellery a girl can wear,  I decided its time to share.

Over time I fully intend to share some of my pieces with you, I will supply bead kits, instructions and occasionally finished pieces for sale on the site.  I can’t promise it will all be jewellery, nor can I promise it will all be bead based, but I can assure you it will be fun!

Just incase you were wondering, the clove infused Orange is an example of one of my first ever craft pieces (ok the pic was a random one not the first ever piece I produced) a simple room freshener, cheap, effective and with less chemicals than the cans of spray available these days from the shops.

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