Love Letters


In the mist of my sheer excitement, which I am still buzzing about getting selected for the Sunday Experience at the JM studios

I forgot to mention that I discovered a new selling website, which sells the most bizarre, unusual, crazy things ..FIVERRĀ 


So the logic for the site appears to be its free to list on the site, but there is a fixed price $5, yes five dollars, so there are so really cool people on the site selling everything from Voiceovers, Webdesign, Logo design, SEO services, everything for just $5

Check out my GIG, I will make you a rose quartz heart macrame style bracelet and post it with a love letter, to the person of your choice for just a fiverr …. how awesome is that, am still waiting on my first order but feel sure that if there people out there looking to spend a fiverr on a welsh man in a thong singing happy birthday, then a love letter and bracelet using a genuine gemstone must be appealing to someone out there in the planet!


Love Letters
Love Letters



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